1998 called… they want their website back.

Your business deserves a better website than this!!!

Ahem... let's fast-forward to present-day, shall we?

We hope you enjoyed that little trip down Amnesia Lane without suffering any retinal burns. If the early days of the Internet taught us anything, it taught us that not everyone is cut out to build a website. And that’s okay… not everyone is cut out to work on cars or repair plumbing either, so they find someone who can when the need arises. Sadly, people attempt to fix cars and plumbing all the time… often with disastrous (and messy) results. It’s the same with websites… if your business needs one, you need someone to build it for you. If you’re still not convinced, let’s review some of your other options:


Can’t I just use one of those fancy DIY packages I hear advertised on my podcasts?


Of course you can. You can also choose from hundreds of beautiful custom designs with just a few clicks and there’s nothing to patch or upgrade ever! That certainly sounds great, but here’s the reality: Those hundreds of designs are being used by thousands of customers, so any site you build will probably look a lot like someone else’s. There’s also a chance your site will end up on a shared hosting platform with hundreds of other sites, making it slower and less responsive.


Okay, but wouldn’t that cost less than a custom website?


Yes but if you buy cheap, you usually get cheap… and today’s Internet-savvy consumers will know it. You want your website to a reflection of your company. By choosing SNJ for your project, you’ll be getting personalized service… no chat bots or faceless email service because we’ll actually talk to you. Do we cost more? Yes. Are we worth it? Definitely.


Can’t I also get a one of those free websites?


Also yes, but here’s something to think about: Have you ever broken your smartphone and used a cheap burner phone for a while? You could feel and see the difference… it felt light and flimsy, the screen color wasn’t as vibrant and the phone calls sounded like they were coming from a drive-through speaker. It was serviceable, but nothing more. That’s what having a free website is like. It does the job, but there are details consumers will notice like intrusive ads, pop-ups, sluggish response time and even outages due to overtaxed servers.


I have a social media page. Why do I need more than that?


Having a “page” isn’t enough to maintain a presence on the web. Social media is only a small corner of the Internet, not the THE Internet. However, it is still important for your business to have social media profiles. It is equally important for your pages to have links to a professionally-built website to set you apart from all the multi-level marketing pages. By the way… we can help you get started in social media if you haven’t already.


And finally, here’s the SNJ Web no bull promise…


We’re not here to take your money. If we don’t think your business actually needs a custom website, we’ll tell you. Seriously. If a website doesn’t make you money directly or drive business your way, there’s no point in paying for one. But… we’re also happy to suggest other means of maintaining an online presence such as managed social media or email marketing. 


Let’s get started building your home on the web today. Fill out the contact form below and give us an idea what you need.

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A note from Steve Wingate - SNJ founder, Lead Content Specialist and web designer.

Some people can service your air conditioner. Some can do your taxes. Still others can fix your car, draft house plans or cater a family reunion. Rarely can one person do all of these things... we all have the one thing we do that sets us apart from all others.

This is what I can do. I do words. I realized many years ago that I was never going to write a best-selling novel or get a job crafting thought-provoking articles for a world famous publication, but I've always been able to express myself in writing. It's a gift that hasn't proven itself particularly useful but I've always kept an eye out for ways to put it to work.

The idea that became SNJ Web Services first came to me about four years ago after finding a number of mistakes in a slick mass mailing from a well-known local car dealership. I couldn't believe such a respected business would allow these mistakes to make it out of their office and into thousands of mailboxes. I was embarrassed for them. What if I could provide an extra layer of defense? A layer between the copy editor working on a deadline and the print shop. Better yet, what if I wrote the ad copy myself?

In December 2016, I began teaching myself web development and the two ideas came together... and here we are.