We do more than just websites. We provide your small business with solutions that fit your needs AND your budget.

Here’s a few examples of what SNJ can do for you:

Willie Strickland’s Divine Fitness

Divine Fitness was our first major undertaking at SNJ Web. The business owner already had a website, but it was a generic single page design hosted on a cut-rate server.

After four months of design, construction and content writing, the all-new debuted on June 26 2017. See the results for yourself.

Our client is a personal trainer,  so we approached the design with his target audience in mind. Although he accepts clients of all ages, he is best known for his work with high school students.

We started by bringing on a professional graphic designer to craft a stunning new logo using the colors of four area high schools. We then built the site around that color scheme. Each anchor page has colors representing a different local high school.

Owner Willie Strickland had a great idea for a paid daily email workout that was making him a little extra money to supplement his training business. The only problem was that it was extremely time consuming.

We automated the process for him with an email marketing program that allows him to send 50+ emails with a single click. Check it out!

In addition to being a personal trainer, Willie is also a sports reporter for The St. Clair News-Aegis. However, he’s a busy man who doesn’t always have time to come up with web content. That’s where we can help. Check out some of our work on DivFit below.

Weight Loss

Cathal O’Regan – Artist and Illustrator

We didn’t build Cathal’s website, but we were hired to improve it using the free tools available on the WordPress platform. Cathal wanted to get more traffic to his site, improve the readability of his content and spice up the overall design.

Incidentally, Cathal designed the SNJ light bulb logo you see all over this site. See more of his work here.

The best way to get more traffic to your site is through search engine optimization (SEO).

If your content is well written and organized according to Google’s exacting standards, your site will rank higher in search results. We did that for Cathal and he started seeing more traffic within a two weeks.

Since Cathal lives and works in Ireland, we wanted his site to reflect Irish heritage.

To build on this idea, we added subtle hints of green to his site and sufused his logo with a green glow. We then took a piece of his own Tribal Celtic artwork and turned it into a background. You can see all of these elements working together here.

CK Errand Services

CK Errand Services is a great example of how SNJ can craft a web solution to fit a tight budget. Since the site would not require regular content updates, the CK owners opted for a single page website. We built the site using Bootstrap, an open source (i.e free) toolkit for building websites with pre-built blocks of code.

Check out the results here.

We stuck to an elegant but simple design for CK with colorful stock images and short blocks of text. 

We also designed their logo, business cards and order forms.

Just because a business is necessary doesn’t mean it’s interesting. SNJ’s snarky writing style can keep people engaged with your site.

As a working mom, Patsy found herself juggling family, school functions and medical appointments in addition to her full-time job. She often wished she could clone herself when it all seemed too much to handle. Since cloning is not an option and having a clone hanging around would be kind of creepy anyway, she decided she needed an affordable on-demand errand service. Only problem with that idea is that there weren’t any.