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This is SNJ. WE are SNJ. That’s us sitting on the big rock.

Not what you expected on an “About” page, is it? If you’re going to hire us to build your website, write content or proof business documents, you have a right to know more about us.

I’m Steve and this is my wife Jennifer. We married at 42 and 41 respectively, each bringing a son into our new family. We decided on the relatively small community of Moody, Alabama to begin our new life together.

Jennifer has a successful career spanning more that 20 years and I’ve been a retail professional for just as long, but I’ve always wanted something more in line with my education in the liberal arts. Jennifer suggested I try my hand at tutoring beginning high school Spanish students and even went so far as to find me two students in need of help.

Giving those lessons re-ignited my passion for teaching and I soon added creative writing and proofreading to my services. I also registered as a freelance writer/editor on several online portals. It wasn’t long until I was hired to proofread an entire website. It was a massive undertaking, but the experience got me thinking… what if I learned how to code websites with good copy and eliminate the need to hire a proofreader? I ran a successful automotive enthusiast website for five years, but I never really learned the nuts and bolts of how websites are constructed from the ground up.

I began teaching myself in December 2016 with the help of podcasts, YouTube tutorials and various free online coding exercises. In April 2017, I paid $19 for a comprehensive web development course and everything started coming together. I launched my first commercial website for a small business right here in Moody on June 26 2017.

So what does this mean for you as a client? It means you’ll be hiring someone with writing and composition skills as well as technical skills. It also means you’ll be hiring someone who will explain what he’s doing as he’s doing it.

We construct most of our websites using WordPress, the world’s most widely used content management system. Once your website is complete, we’ll show YOU how to keep it updated. If you’d rather not worry about that, you can subscribe to our monthly maintenance plan. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Get started today by filling out the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to solve the math problem before clicking submit so we’ll know you’re not a robot.


A note from Steve Wingate - SNJ founder, Lead Content Specialist and web designer.

Some people can service your air conditioner. Some can do your taxes. Still others can fix your car, draft house plans or cater a family reunion. Rarely can one person do all of these things... we all have the one thing we do that sets us apart from all others.

This is what I can do. I do words. I realized many years ago that I was never going to write a best-selling novel or get a job crafting thought-provoking articles for a world famous publication, but I've always been able to express myself in writing. It's a gift that hasn't proven itself particularly useful but I've always kept an eye out for ways to put it to work.

The idea that became SNJ Web Services first came to me about four years ago after finding a number of mistakes in a slick mass mailing from a well-known local car dealership. I couldn't believe such a respected business would allow these mistakes to make it out of their office and into thousands of mailboxes. I was embarrassed for them. What if I could provide an extra layer of defense? A layer between the copy editor working on a deadline and the print shop. Better yet, what if I wrote the ad copy myself?

In December 2016, I began teaching myself web development and the two ideas came together... and here we are.